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Avoid Travel During Storm – Attend Mass Via Live Stream

A Christmas Wish from the Vicar General of the Buffalo Diocese –

[…] “I extend my prayers for a blessed Christmas. This year, the weather forecast of the impending storm may hamper the joy of gathering in our churches to pray and celebrate as planned. The expected high winds and lake effect snowfall may create unsafe travel conditions over the Christmas weekend. No one should risk their safety or the safety of others during this storm.”[…]

The Vicar General encourages parishioners of the Buffalo Diocese to avoid travel when conditions make travel unsafe but instead to attend Mass via live stream either from their own parish or another parish that offers a Mass live streamed over the Internet.

The Diocese of Buffalo’s website list of parishes with live-streaming capabilities may be found here:

Parishioners are also encouraged to check on the well-being of their neighbor who may be in need of assistance due to the storm.